• Learning Elementary Science Workbook For Class 7
Learning Elementary Science Workbook for classes 6 to 8 have been designed to meet the specific needs of students studying in the middle classes. These workbooks are based on the latest syllabus prepared by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi.
The main objective of these workbooks is to make the students familiar with various evaluation techniques, and develop in them the ability to approach all problems set before them with confidence. The evaluation techniques employed in the series make all scientific concepts clear and help the student to revise the whole course. The series also help the students in making a self-assessment of all they have learnt in a short time and to use this knowledge in their day to day life. In short, these books aim at integrating science and technology in our daily life.
Salient Features
1.Objective evaluation
This includes (a) multiple choice questions; (b) fill in the blanks; (c) one word answers and true/false. This would help in intensive learning of the course.
2.Subjective Evaluation
This includes (a) very short, (b) short questions, (c) long questions and (d) figure related questions which test the students comprehension and application of Scientific principles. In this way, they eliminate rote learning by the students.

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Learning Elementary Science Workbook For Class 7

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