• Learning Elementary Physics Workbook For ICSE Schools 7
This workbook supplements the textbook Learning Elementary Physics for Class 7. In this workbook, thought provoking questions have been framed to cover all the topics that are in the textbook. The sequence of the chapters is same as in the textbook. This will help students in revising and understanding the concept learnt in the text book.
This workbook includes following types of questions :
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True/False Statements
  • Match the columns
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Answer Questions
  • Write Correct Statements
  • Odd one out Questions
  • Short Answer Type Questions
  • Assertion and Reason Type Questions
  • Numerical Problems
Sufficient space, wherever necessary, has been left for drawing diagrams.
This workbook can also be used by teachers to test whether the students have grasped basic learning objectives and their applications and relation to everyday experience. The space provided for writing answers is sufficient for the facts/ideas asked and the students can develop their answering skills by writing answers within the space provided.

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Learning Elementary Physics Workbook For ICSE Schools 7

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