• Learning Elementary Science For Class 2 (With Online Support) (Includes the Essence of NEP 2020)
The senes LEARNING ELEMENTARY SCIENCE FOR CLASSES 1 to 5 has been revised and updated as per the new CCE Scheme and according to the latest National Curriculum Framework Prepared by NCERT and various State Boards following the National Curriculum Framework Each Book: in this series is supplemented with Activity Book and Teacher's Resource Book Each book has also been provided with an Interactive and Animated CD This innovative senes opens up new vistas for the students This series attempts to lay a strong foundation for learning science Our aim is to give the maximum exposure to scientific knowledge to the young learners it has become a necessity as science has an all-pervading influence on our daily life The sooner the young minds are exposed to it, the better it will be for them
Salient Features of the Course Books are :
  • Updated and revised as per CCE
  • The language is simple easy to follow and easy to grasp
  • The text rs complemented by beautiful and precise illustrations
  • A large number of Activities and Experiments to encourage active learning of science,
  • Keywords to aid comprehension
  • Interesting Facts to make learning interesting
  • Fun Time to create interest about science
  • Ample Exercises to develop logical thinking and observation among students
  • Different Activities and Assignments to improve and enhance various Life Skills of the Learners
  • Various types of Assignments for Summative Assessments and Formative Assessments.
  • Online Support in ihe form of Animated lessons, Ammaled Activities, Interactive Exercises including True or False, MCQs. Fill in the blanks. Odd one out. Drag and drop, Label the diagrams, Match the columns, word
Salient Features of the Activity Books are :
  • Activates are designed by experts as Worksheets that can easily fit into the teaching-teaming programme
  • Activities will help cement the concepts learnt in Course Books
  • Activities will help sustain interest in Ihe concepts and also take the learners beyond Ihem
Salient Features of the CDs are :
  • Animated lessons to make the concepts crystal clear
  • Abundant integration of Activities In the lessons.
  • Interactive Exercises
Teacher’s Resource Books
  • Plan to Achieve the Learning Objectives to guide the teachers in effective teaching.
  • Overview of the Lesson to help teachers easily recapitulate the finer points of 1he lesson,
  • Complete Answer key of the course book.
Interactive e-books
Interactive e-book incorporates a number of interesting tools and techniques to allow Ihe leathers to
play animated lessons highlight the text                 insert notes
hide and reveal text         do interactive exercises

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Learning Elementary Science For Class 2 (With Online Support) (Includes the Essence of NEP 2020)

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