• Elementary English Grammar & Composition For Class 2 (With Online Support) (Includes the Essence of NEP 2020)
We are pleased to present the revised edition of ELEMENTARY ENGLISH GRAMMAR & COMPOSITION for Classes 1–5. Encouraged by the response and feedback, we have added new and innovative exercises to our Grammar Section and revised our Writing Skill section thoroughly. All the changes and additions have been made keeping in view, the suggestions of schools across the country.
Each book in the series is scientifically graded and planned to teach Functional Grammar, Sentence Structures and Correct Usage rather than teaching Formal Grammar. This we have tried to achieve by planning and redesigning exercises to meet the needs and requirements of schools throughout India. The books contain illustrations,crosswords, examples and specimens of all types of Functional Grammar and Correct Usage. There are Revision Tests at regular intervals in all the books.
Equal importance is given to vocabulary and spellings and great stress is laid on mastery of a comprehensive vocabulary by the learners.
We have completely revamped our section on Writing Skills. More and more verb a land written communicative skills have been included in this section. All parts of English Composition have been fully covered, for example :
Short Compositions include paragraph writing, messages, notices, advertisements and posters.
Longer Compositions include, story-writing, picture compositions, letter-writing.
Essays teach every variety of essay writing—descriptive, narrative, argumentative and imaginative.
Comprehension of unseen passages include prose, as well as poetry. Themes chosen are usually about the latest events or situations a child can relate to.
All the changes, like more examples, more exercises have been added to make the concepts very clear to learners. Emphasis is not on learning the rules but the correct application of rules. The new exercises, additions to vocabulary and the writing skills revamped to improve the thinking, analytical and critical skills of the students.
We fervently hope that our new books find support from students and teachers all over India and abroad as all the books of Mr. N.K. Aggarwala have for decades.

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Elementary English Grammar & Composition For Class 2 (With Online Support) (Includes the Essence of NEP 2020)

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