• Creative English Teachers Book 3
It is after years of teaching English to young children that this new course,Creative English, has been put together. Two things were in mind during its preparation:
  • What do children enjoy while learning a language?
Stories are based on children’s interests and therefore hold their attention. For the first few classes, the lessons draw upon pupils’ everyday experience, allowing links to be made between home and school.
  • What does a teacher need while teaching a language?
The books are structured to meet the requirements of teachers across the board. Someone who has just started a career in teaching would find it stimulating enough to give his or her best. Others, with years of experience, could use it as a tool to carry forward all the good they have been doing.

Creative English is a true blend of the best of both worlds—past and present. In fact, it is the need of the hour. Language changes with time, and
Creative English is a classic example of keeping pace with this change. It has all the elements of language teaching.It has been ensured that the necessary sentence patterns and structures are included. Grammar items are cemented to enable learners to easily grasp and use them. 

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Creative English Teachers Book 3

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