• Stepping Stones A Comprehensive Integrated Multi-Skill Course English Course Book 7
The course consists of :
Coursebooks 1 to 8 (with CDs for animated lessons and interactive exercises)
Each coursebook has the following features :
(a)  Warm Up : A pre-lesson visual or verbal input to lead the learners to the lesson and its subject.
(b)  Let’s Read : It exposes the learners to different genres, such as stories, plays, poems, letters, pages from a diary and so on.These have been carefully chosen in accordance with age group that they are designed for.
(c)  Word Bank :  It enriches the learners’ vocabulary systematically through the introduction of new words in the contexts along with their meanings, synonyms and antonyms.
(d) Understanding Better : It provides Comprehension Exercises based on Bloom’s Taxonomy containing Factual, Inferential and valuative questions. It helps both the learner and the teacher.It is an immediate check of what the learner has understood and helps the teacher in taking remedial steps.
(e)  Let’s Learn Grammar : It provides age-appropriate Grammar topics with definitions,rules,examples and application based exercises.
(f) Let’s Listen : It focuses on a quick comprehension of specific details.
(g) Let’s Speak: It gives an opportunity to each student to speak   individually, in pairs or in groups. Moreover, it focuses on speaking fluently and idiomatically.
(h) Let’s Write : All written work is based on what the learner has imbibed from the lesson through listening and speaking.Begins with writing simple sentences and later develops into creative and imaginative skills.
(i) Activity : All lessons in the coursebooks end with some activity  connected with the lesson. It adds to the holistic development of the child.

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Stepping Stones A Comprehensive Integrated Multi-Skill Course English Course Book 7

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