• Social Science Success Teachers Resource Book 8
The series SOCIAL SCIENCE SUCCESS is a set of three books for students of Classes 6 to 8. It is strictly according to the latest National Curriculum Framework (NCF) meant for schools affiliated to CBSE and other schools affiliated to various State Education Boards. Each Course book in the series is supplemented with ONLINE SUPPORT, TEACHER’S RESOURCE BOOK and E-BOOK for  teachers.
Each book in the series is divided into three sections — HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY & SOCIAL AND POLITICAL LIFE. Our attempt, in this series, is to capture the interest and arouse genuine curiosity in the learners through presentation of facts and concepts in simple and lucid style, infused with numerous original illustrations and photographs.
Salient features of Online Support :
  • Chapterwise Assignments
  • Chapterwise Question Bank
  • Different types of photos, illustrations, and diagrams to help in various tasks for Formative Assessment.
  • Various types of downloadable / printable maps.
  • Definition and explanation of various terms in Social Sciences.
Salient features of other Components :
  • TEACHER’S RESOURCE BOOK : Contains complete answers to textbook questions.
  • E-BOOK FOR TEACHERS : Incorporates a number of tools to allow the teachers to play animated lessons,    highlight, hide and reveal the text and insert notes.

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Social Science Success Teachers Resource Book 8

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