• Green World Environmental Education For Class 3
The Earth is a wonderful and unique planet. We are truly fortunate that we are living on this planet. But instead of looking after it carefully we have exploited its resources mercilessly. The result is deforestation, global warming, pollution, etc. These problems have been created by us and it is only we who can find a solution to them. We have to act fast, otherwise we would prove to be our worst enemies.
Environmental Education equips us with knowledge to tackle environmental problems and enables us to live in harmony with nature. It develops in us a ‘reverence for life’. Recognising the importance of Environmental Education in our lives, the Honourable Supreme Court has made Environmental Education (EE) a compulsory subject from Classes I to XII for all the schools from the academic session 2005-06.
Our series  Green World (Parts 1 to 5) meant for Classes 1 to 5 is a sincere effort to make children aware about the environmental problems and teaches them how to overcome them.
Other salient features of the series are :
  • Strictly based on the latest syllabus.
  • Is child-friendly as well as teacher-friendly.
  • Text is simple and lucid and is accompanied by eye-catching illustrations.
  • Interactive approach has been adopted which kindles the child's interest in the subject.
  • Includes a variety of questions and activities which enhance the creativity and critical thinking skills of children.
  • Inculcates in them sensitivity for environment and love for nature.
  • Helps learners to commit themselves to protect the environment at any cost.
  • Motivates them to ‘Act Now’.
  • Generates 4 Cs — Curiosity, Creativity, Competence and Compassion.

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Green World Environmental Education For Class 3

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