• Learners Mathematics Book 4
The Series LEARNER’S MATHEMATICS (PRE-PRIMER, PRIMER, BOOKS 1 – 5) is strictly based on the latest guidelines and syllabi issued by N.C.E.R.T. in January, 2002. Extra care has been taken to include and meet the suggested recommendations given in the syllabi.
This student-friendly and innovative series is designed to inculcate skill in the child to understand and solve everyday problems.

KEY FEATURES of this series are :
  • Simple text has been complemented by solved problems.
  • Concepts are clearly explained.
  • Guidance has been given for problem solving technique.
  • Spiral system adopted in the series will provide ample revision situations.
  • Practical examples have been stressed upon.
  • Exercises are given with sufficient number of problems for proper drilling and thorough understanding.
  • Problems in geometry complemented by self-explaining diagrams.
  • Every unit with guidelines will help and motivate the learners and the teachers equally.
  • Teaching materials have been suggested while introducing the topics.
  • Problem framing in this series would help teachers to assess the comprehension and application ability of the learners.

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Learners Mathematics Book 4

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