• Maths Practice Book 7
We have a great pleasure in presenting the revised edition of the book Maths Practice Book with Mental Mathematics, Book 4. It is a part of the series Maths Practice Book with Mental Maths (Books 1 — 8). This series would prove to be a great aid to the teachers as well as the learners.
The worksheets in this book are designed to help the child comprehend the concepts fully, and to improve the mathematical and calculation skills of the learner. The book provides drilling practice with the aim of leading to a deeper understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics. The drilling practice is both learner and teacher friendly, as it gives enough opportunity to the teacher to test the retention ability of the learner. Each worksheet is based on the exercises given in the Text Book. Solving of these worksheets would lead to a clear grasp of what is taught. It would also enhance the confidence of the learner to solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy. It would lead to the application of these concepts in day to day life.

Salient features of the book are
  • Attractive layout to arouse the interest of the learner in the subject.
  • Ample space for writing solutions.
  • Test Papers at every stage revise what is taught in the previous lesson. So, with the new concepts in each chapter, the previous ones are not forgotten, but recapitulated. Revision Test Papers revise what is taught in all the chapters. At the end, the learner has a thorough knowledge of what he/she has learnt.
We are sure that the book would prove to be a useful Practice Book for the learners.

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Maths Practice Book 7

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