• Progress In Mathematics Teachers Resource Book 4
The series Progress in Mathematics Teacher’s Resource Books (1-5),is designed to assist those who teach mathematics at Primary level.
Generally the concepts of mathematics are seen too difficult to understand and appreciate, which is a myth. School mathematics is very much within reach of average students, provided, the methodology we adopt to teach the young minds is as per their level of understanding. Infact mathematics should be treated as a subject of exploration and creation. To make children’s mind creative, a teacher must treat his/her students as participants not as receivers.

Each Teacher’s Resource Book provides the following :             
Background Knowledge
This section highlights previous year’s knowledge. Before taking up any topic, it is very important for a teacher to find out what children have learnt in the previous class.
Learning Objectives
This section lists the learning outcomes to be achieved after completing that particular lesson.
Overview of the Chapter
It provides outline of the chapter with description of the topics to be taken up without any details.
New Vocabulary
This section contains meaning and complete explanation of words (or terms) which are new for the children. Illustrations or pictures (if needed) are used at appropriate places.
Teaching / Learning Materials
This section tells about the items (material) which can be used to explain or demonstrate the lesson. Proper care has been taken while selecting the items, so that these are easily available.
Teaching / Learning Strategies / Activities
This section guides the teachers how to teach the lesson. Under this,various activities, methods, have been discussed. By going through these activities, a teacher can prepare himself/herself well in advance to teach the lesson.
Evaluation and Assessment
This section describes, why/when/how evaluation and assessment of the learners should be done.
Hints to Some Selected Problems
It provides a brief solution to some selected problems of the main coursebook.

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Progress In Mathematics Teachers Resource Book 4

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