• Core Science Biology For Class IX
Core C.B.S.E. Science – Biology for Class IX has been revised according to the guidelines given in CCE and the latest syllabus prescribed by the C.B.S.E., New Delhi.While preparing the book, our aim has been to promote understanding of the basic principles of Biology and at the same time retain its excitement.
This student-friendly book teaches Biology in such an interesting and comprehensive manner that even an average student will have no difficulty in grasping the fundamental concepts of the subject. It also has enough material to meet the requirements of high achievers.
Salient features of the book are :
  • Strictly according to the latest C.B.S.E. syllabus and guidelines given in CCE.
  • Clear, simple and unambiguous language.
  • Precise and accurate illustrations.
  • Concepts are supplemented by suitable day-to-day examples.
  • Important terms and definitions have been highlighted.
  • As per CCE, the Exercises have been divided into two sections :
1. Exercise for Summative Assessment — It includes : (i) Multiple Choice Ques-tions (ii) Very Short Answer Type Questions (iii) Short Answer Type Questions(iv) Long Answer Type Questions.
2. Exercise for Formative Assessment — It includes : (i) Science Quiz (ii)Group Project/Activity  (iii) Visits (iv) Classroom Discussions (v) Demonstrations (vi) Seminars  (vii) Charts  (viii) Visual understanding (ix) Crossword Puzzles (x)Practicals.
  • Questions involving Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have also been included in the exercise for summative Assessment. 
It is our earnest hope that the book will provide a meaningful way of learning the subject and thereby make the whole process of understanding Biology a joyful experience. It is also hoped that the book will meet the requirements of the students and the teachers alike.

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Core Science Biology For Class IX

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