• A New Approach To ICSE Chemistry Part 1 For Class IX
The book “A New Approach to I.C.S.E. Chemistry for Class IX” has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.
The book is divided into five distinct parts :
1. The first part constitutes chapters on, The Languages of chemistry; Chemical changes and reactions; and Water, to give an idea to the students about the diversity of matter.
2. The second part constitutes chapters on Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding and The Periodic Table. This part will help the students to understand unity in diversity of matter. It further explains the rules required for    reaction between various forms of matter.
3. The third part constitutes chapter on Study of the First element—Hydrogen and Study of Gas Laws. This will   familiarise the students with element hydrogen and their chemical properties. It further explains the behaviour       of gases under changes of temperature and pressure and also provides explanation in terms of molecular motion.
4. The fourth part deals with Atmospheric Pollution.
5. The fifth part deals with Practical Chemistry.
The salient features of the book;
• Large number of chemical reactions are described with experimental observations.
Important points have been highlighted for location of precise answers.
• All definitions and other important points are highlighted.
• Diagrams are made simple and more informative.
• In the chapter on the language of chemistry, a new method has been introduced for balancing chemical                     equations. This method is based on atomic numbers which is fundamental property of the elements.
• A chapter on Practical Chemistry is added to help students for laboratory work.
Periodic Table showing mass number; atomic number of various elements along with list of actual names of the       elements is provided.
We hope this book will prove very useful to the students and teachers.
Suggestions and constructive criticism for the further improvement of the book
would be gratefully acknowledged.

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A New Approach To ICSE Chemistry Part 1 For Class IX

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