• Essential Environmental Studies Book 1

The Essential Environmental Studies (for Classes 1 & 2) is based on the latest Syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board of Anglo Indian Education and recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination.
The new syllabus lays emphasis on learning by asking appropriate questions, and carrying out discussions with adults at home, in school and among themselves. This approach has been adopted because it has been increasingly felt that children learn more through talking, observing and discussing with other people — both adults and children.

Some salient features of these books are :
  • The books contain Exercises and Activities throughout the text that will stimulate the thinking of the children and encourage them to frame their own questions in their quest for knowledge.
  • The text is in simple and lucid language with eye-catching ' illustrations.
  • It gradually extends the child's understanding of higher world, \ beginning from the immediate 'self, to include the family, the neighbourhood, the locality and also the country'.
  • It develops understanding about biological, social and cultural aspects of life by citing examples from everyday life.
  • It inculcates sensitivity for environment and life, and love for nature.

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Essential Environmental Studies Book 1

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