• Goyals IIT Foundation Course In Mathematics For Class 6
The series Goyal’s IIT Foundation Course — Mathematics for Classes 6 to 10 has been designed to prepare the young ones desiring to get enrolled in engineering colleges after completing their school education. The objective of these books is to help students in understanding the fundamental concepts, their applications and sharpen their exceptional problem solving skills. This series will act as a platform for higher studies.
Some Salient Features of the Series are :
  • Textbook and Practice Material for solid foundation in a single book.
  • Basic Concepts presented clearly and precisely.
  • Hints for all problems.
  • Unique original problems sprinkled all over.
  • Adjustable matter to suit any school syllabus/competitive examination.
  • Direct and simple definitions to improve understanding.
  • Essence of each topic is condensed.
  • Caters to all spectrum of students from the average to the brightest.
  • Confidence building matter in abundance.
Schools and students can buy these books as additional/supplement to their textbooks and cover them during the school hours or outside the regular school hours.
It is hoped that this series will be highly beneficial for the students who are targetting the Engineering Entrance Examination.

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Goyals IIT Foundation Course In Mathematics For Class 6

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