Where the vision Is eternity, cultivate people.

This oriental saying emphasises the importance of mainline people. We can substitute the word 'thldren* for the 'people' in this saying. We are living in an age which is witnessing swooping changes in al fields of Ho. Mass moo a like teleysion. radio, newspapers and the Internet are playing a predominating role in forming our valies.It Is very impala/it to counteract the negateve Influence of these purveyors.

Our series, 'The Mirror of Values' (Books I to 8) is based on the guidelines listed in a section caged the Art of Healthy and Productive Living in the National Curriculum Framework. It aims to develop a strong foundation of life skils and moral values so that the chkfron are equipped to face any moral dilemma with courage and confidence. Through deeply nsp:nng stories drawn from everyday Me and from the lives of great individuals. poems and anecdotes, wo have tried to inculcate values Ike honesty, kindness, truthfulness, courtesy, dignity of labour, patriotism, etc. Stinxiatng activities have been given at the end of each lesson which make loarn-ng truly an enjoyable experience. Our arn has been to teach the Art of Living to the chldron.

At the end of Books 6. 7 and 8, we have Arwood posters which can be framed and displayed at home. These posters are beautikly Bustrated. cover Important themes and are highly Inspirational n nature,

Each book in the series has at the end, suggestions for the Parents. It is essential , that parents should play an active part in culwating the values covered in the book at home. The suggestions given are not exhaustive and parents can devise their own waysto alb:Nate the right values.

In presenting this series, our aim has been to providea series which is in stop with the rapidly changing world. It is our earnest hope that this series succeed - making the children better human beings, 

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The Mirror Of Values Book 8

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