ICSE History & Civics for Class IX (Includes Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions)

This book entitled “I.C.S.E. HISTORY AND CIVICS” is strictly based on the

latest revised syllabus prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate

Examination for the students of Class IX.

This book forms Paper I of the subjects Civics and History. It has been divided

into two sections. Section A deals with the Civics portion of the syllabus and

Section B deals with the History portion of the syllabus. This book aims

 to provide an understanding of the working of the Indian government

necessary for the student to grow into a responsible, enlightened citizen in

a Secular democracy.

 to enrich the understanding of those aspects of Indian historical development

which are crucial to the understanding of contemporary India.

 to awaken a desirable understanding in pupils of the various streams which

have contributed to the development and growth of the Indian nation and its

civilisation and culture.

 to develop a world historical perspective of the contributions made by various

cultures to the total heritage of mankind.

The main features of this book are :

 A simple style with a clear narrative and critical appreciation of all facts

and events.

 Numerous facts with dates and years, maps, pictures and illustrations given

to make the content vivid and interesting. Latest pictures and information

provided on each topic.

 Lesson At a Glance, summarizes the entire lesson to help the students grasp

the main points of the lesson.

 Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions and Structured Essay

Type Questions, at the end of each and every chapter, will test how far the

students have understood the lesson.

 A Sample Project has also been added in this new edition.

 Solved Questions have been added chapterwise under the heading Question

Bank for the benefit of students

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