• Foundation Mathematics for Primary Classes Book 2

We are pleased to present the revised edition of the series Foundation Mathematics for Primary Classes (Books 1-5}. This series is based on the latest curriculum prepared and recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The new curriculum for Classes 1 to 5 is designed to ensure that children build a solid foundation in mathematics by connecting and applying mathematical concepts in a variety of ways. This curriculum aims to develop a number of mathematical skills and processes among children.

Main objectives of teaching and learning mathematics at the primary level are to :

  • Develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills and apply these to formulate and solve problems.
  • Acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life, and for continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines.
  • Develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts.
  • Create love and interest towards mathematics.
  • Make effective use of a variety of mathematical tools in the learning and application of mathematics.
  • Reason logically, communicate mathematically, and learn cooperatively and independently.

The present series has been developed and designed keeping the above objectives in mind. This child-friendly series teaches Mathematics in such an interesting and comprehensive manner that even an average child has no difficulty in grasping the fundamental concepts of Mathematics.

The Salient Features of this Series are :

  • A graded and spiraling approach, keeping in mind the age and level of understanding of the student. 
  • Eye-catching illustrations and child-friendly layouts kindle the imagination of the child and create an interest in the subject.
  • Each chapter begins with the heading Let Us Recall, which refreshes the concepts learned in the previous class.
  • The fact box Remember highlights the important points.
  • Concept detailing helps in conceptual understanding that refers to grasp of ideas.
  • Interactive exercises help in kids participation. This level of engagement makes it easier for kids to retain information.
  • Value Based Questions are meant to inculcate moral values in the children.
  • Review Exercise at the end of each chapter checks the retention capacity and the level of understanding of the students.
  • Assignments under the heading Mental Maths not only enhance the mathematical and calculation skills of the students but also fortify the concepts already learned.
  • Let's Play introduces games that improves critical thinking, problem solving, interaction and collaborationwith peers.
  • Maths Lab Activities are meant to learn mathematical concepts through various activities.
  • Two Model Test Papers, one for Half Yearly Examination and other for Annual Examination have also been added in each book.

It is hoped that the series will meet the requirements of the students, teachers and parents alike. Suggestions and constructive criticism for the improvement of the books would be highly appreciated.


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Foundation Mathematics for Primary Classes Book 2

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