Step-by-Step Cursive Writing Class 4

Step-by-Step Cursive Writing is a fascinating series of six books (introductory and Books 1 to 5). This series attempts to teach cursive writing with a series of interesting, mentally stimulating and graded exercises which  also help in instilling environmental and moral consciousness and consolidating various language skills. This series aims at giving purposive, meaningful, interesting and enjoyable practice material in developing skills in cursive writing.

Students, while working on books in this series, recite and copy rhymes, draw patterns, solve puzzles, read and copy stories and without any conscious forcing and drilling, they learn a legible, fast and rhythmic cursive writing.

This series is a complete resource as guide books for teachers/parents and as practice books for students.

The Introductory Book provides ample practice of free hand patterns and introduces the learner to the small and capital letters of English alphabet. Pictures of familiar objects are given alongside and can be use to teach the sounds of the letters.

The Books 1 to 5 in the series develop the cursive writing skills by

  • Logical introduction and practice of all the joins.
  • Introduction and practical of cursive capitals and their joins.
  • Teaching proper formation, size, spacing and slanting of letters.
  • Teaching correct posture, proper pencil grip and later correct use of pen.
  • Spelling practice and poetry writing.
  • Teaching various language-skills and consolidating the vocabulary.
  • Writing shot and long compositions and remedial work.
  • Teaching comprehension skills.
  • Teaching step-by-step layout of a letter.
  • Encouraging Self Assessment of handwriting.
  • Giving precise and clear instructions to teachers (and parents) on every page.
  • Making each child aware of the qualities of good handwriting.

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Step-by-Step Cursive Writing Class 4

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