About the Book

The book entitled A Complete Course in Mathematics for Class IX has been written strictly according to the latest Textbook published by NCERT and as per the latest syllabus & examination pattern prescribed by CBSE, New Delhi.

Some Salient Features of the Book are:

  • The text (Definitions, Concepts, Theorems, etc.) has been explained systematically and logically by giving ample number of variety of Solved Examples and Exercises.
  •  Author's Tip to highlight important points have been given.
  • Handy Hints, wherever required, have been incorporated.
  •  Suggestive categorisation of questions as Basic and Standard, to fulfill the requirement of the latest examination pattern of CBSE, has been given.
  • Questions from Past Years' CBSE Papers (till 2019) have been incorporated appropriately.
  • Objective Section, an integral part of new examination pattern, has been added. It comprises Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Fill in the Blanks and Very Short Answer Questions.
  • Synopsis to recapitulate the main concepts learnt in the chapter has been given.
  • Chaper-wise two Self Evaluation Tests—one for Basic Level and other for Standard Level have been given to revise the whole chapter at one go.
  • Two latest Sample Papers—one for Basic Level and other for Standard Level released by CBSE have been given.
  • Video Lectures (throug­­­­­­­­­­­h QR codes) by the author provide the solutions of difficult questions.

About the Author

B K SINGH is an eminent dedicated faculty in teaching of Mathematics. He has been known for his excellent result oriented teaching. He has authored many books on the subject. He has also been interacting with students through many e-learning platforms on the subject. He has been conducting workshops on the subject and has been interacting with a large number of teachers across the country. By virtue of his long teaching experience and interaction with the teachers in schools, he is very well aware of problems of the students as well as teachers while dealing with different topics of the subject. All this has given him an insight into the ways which are sure to help the students while answering the questions in the examinations.

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A Complete Course in Mathematics for Class 9 by B. K. Singh

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