The council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi has thoroughly revised the syllabus of Business Studies for ISC Class XI. The new syllabus is in line with the changing business environment in India
characterised by start up entrepreneurship, digitalisation, cashless payment mechanism, online business, etc. Both the students and the teachers feel an acute need for a high quality textbook as per the new syllabus. This book is
designed and written to meet this need.
According to the council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, the aims of teaching Business Studies at the XI standard are as follows :

1. To enable candidates to understand the modern business environment and to create awareness about various entrepreneurial opportunities.
2. To awaken a spirit of enterprise amongst candidates.
3. To provide an insight into the recent trends in business.
4. To acquaint candidates with the various aspects of Human Resource Management.
5. To provide knowledge and understanding of communication in modern business.
6. To identify the various sources of business finance and the role of regulators and intermediaries.
I am sure the book would fulfill all these aims. The book fully meets the requirements of the new syllabus.
Some of the unique features of the book are given below' :
Simple and easy-to-understand language
Chapter outline to give a bird's eye-view' of the topics described in every chapter.
• Liberal use of diagrams and tables to illustrate the text.
Examples from Indian Companies
Summary at the end of each chapter for quick revision before the date of examination.
Short Answer Type and Long Answer Type Questions
Question Bank at the end of each chapter
Sample Papers for self-test

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ISC Business Studies Part 1 For Class XI

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